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esterno notte - di marco bellocchio


 Protagonist Fabrizio Gifuni who transformed himself into Aldo Moro in the posture, in the voice, present in the room at the meeting to take a thunderous applause after the clip. The series also sees in the cast, among others, a Mephistophelian Toni Servillo in the role of Pope Paul VI. “Maybe my first and last TV series, now I’m an age, I get tired easily” jokes Bellocchio, telling how the idea of ??the television spin-off from his film was born. From a photo with Aldo Moro in a suit and tie on the beach, impassive, together with his daughter in costume like the other bathers: he had impressed him a lot and from there he decided to investigate the personality, the kidnapping, the imprisonment and death, even from point of view of those around him.